the bronx river greenway

the bronx river greenway is a 23-mile-long ribbon of green with a multi-use path that will extend along the full length of the river in westchester county and the bronx which includes:

  • bike and pedestrian traffic
  • new open spaces
  • restoration of existing parks
  • reclamation of waterfront and
  • improvement of quality of life for Bronx residents

Public spaces (north to south) along the Greenway include:

  • Bronx Park
  • Bronx Zoo River Walk
  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Bronx River Forest
  • Fort Knox Park
  • Shoelace Park
  • West Farms Rapids
  • Starlight Park
  • Concrete Plant Park
  • Hunts Point Riverside Park
  • Soundview Park
  • River Garden
  • Drew Garden

the greenway project, lends a perfect opportunity to create a foodway along the bronx river…

the bronx river foodway

the foodway on the bronx river, once complete,  will form a 23-mile long cultural/economic ecosystem of productive landscapes
with hundreds of niches for community-operated spaces:

visual arts | performances | story-telling | music | educational activities
urban agriculture | kiosks | outdoor kitchens

that provide opportunities for diverse cultural expression and livelihoods to unfold

see phase 1: concrete plant park

for more context, see foodways