concrete plant park (phase 1)

concrete plant park is a public park in the south bronx…it is 7.39 acres in size

the park is located on the west bank of the bronx river between westchester avenue and bruckner boulevard

about the community:

  • the neighborhood is 64.2% hispanic and 29% black
  • highly industrial and economically challenged
  • highest hunger rates and a shortage of supermarkets
  • epidemic of obesity/malnutrition
  • highest rates of diabetes-related mortality in state
  • adjacent to the largest food distribution facility in the world

Opportunity to plant productive species for local consumption and to generate new livelihoods and enterprises

the preliminary concept

the first foodway project at concrete plant park will host an interactive corridor of culturally-appropriate edible landscapes, agricultural amenities, and cultural spaces designed for optimal engagement, interaction and participation

organized mostly along the north side of main walking path are a string of productive landscapes with a number of interpretative sculptured educational stations

this design concept unites various cultural elements: a multi-purpose amphitheater, demonstration home gardens, a labyrinth, and a children’s sensory garden

the co-design process

we will use facilitated intensive planning sessions, called charrettes for participants – community members, designers, artists, activists, community groups, parks staff, others – to collaborate on a vision for sections of the foodway

charrettes are inclusive and interactive platforms for innovative ideas and immediate feedback allowing the community to co-create the plan