Earth Learning


message from the founder 

humanity is a critical turning point…
Humanity is facing several interwoven global socio-ecological crises. Climate change and loss of habitat/biodiversity are leading to unex­pected breaking points in natural and social systems. At the core of these crises, is an underlying belief that humanity is apart from the rest of the natural world. Many of our cultures and societies are organized around this principle.

2003 was a pivotal year. The realities facing our planet came into full focus for me and I had no outlet. I might have moved to Portland or San Francisco, where there was enough Earth work in progress, but decided to dig my heels in and make a difference, right where I was. 

Earth Learning was my response.

historical context…
When we launched Earth Learning, there were only some seeds of eco-consciousness in Southern Florida – mostly at the Earth Ethics Institute at Miami Dade College – which inspired our efforts.

Our first effort was to name our bioregion, the Greater Everglades… the rest as they say is history!

Earth Learning has served us well over the last 14 years: the first 7 years, we dedicated to creating a sense of place in the Greater Everglades; the second 7 years, we inspired a local food movement to take hold in our bioregion.

Earth Learning is also at a turning point… and  is now being re-launched as Inhabit Earth to serve bioregions everywhere.

past programs

farm @ verde gardens
a complex of regenerative farm enterprises including a 22-acre farm, edible plant nursery, retail market, food hub, commercial kitchen, and farm-to-table cafe operated from 2011-2013

food summits
the first community food summit was held in Miami in 2010, which launched a local food movement in the Greater Everglades

community foodworks
a permaculture apprenticeship program funded by $750,000 3-year USDA beginning farmer & rancher development grant 2010-2013

farmers markets
operated farmers markets
from 2010 – 2013 including
South Miami and Downtown

bioregional Earth celebrations
in southern Florida from 2007 to 2013
inspiring a life-sustaining culture by example

chef’s harvest dinner
a farm-to-table experience
like no other
held in March 2013