transforming overtown through good food

we believe in the latent power found in a seed… seeds are life waiting to happen!

at earth learning, we have a seed of an idea: a vision of sorts to bring about a social and economic revival in overtown, one of miami’s most challenged neighborhoods

if spray paint (and some kickass marketing) changed the fate of wynwood… we wonder, what could a seed do?

we imagine that local food –growing, producing, preparing, and serving of it– could have an extraordinarily positive impact in that community, stimulating a whole ecosystem of enterprises and livelihoods around food that is in season, grown locally, organically..

this would greatly benefit all of miami; especially long time residents of Overtown, who could learn employable skills, a trade, or how to launch a business

the unintended consequences could be an abundance of food produced, beautification and greening, and a cultural shift toward healthy eating in what’s now a food desert

furthermore, unlike wynwood, the economic development model proposed is less likely to lead to high rents and gentrification, simply because it would be organized around community food security, a basic human right


(coming soon)