what is a foodway?

the term foodways is a cultural concept that refers to the intersection of food in culture, traditions, and history…

here it is being applied to placemaking

resulting in productive landscapes comprised of edible and useful plants that address significant community priorities

why foodways?

foodways positively impact the livability of communities by forming an eco-cultural corridor that has a multitude of benefits for residents of all backgrounds

community engagement


  • foraging
  • healthy lifestyles
  • interactive learning
  • enjoyment

arts & activism

  • formal performances
  • gathering spaces
  • programming

meaningful livelihood

  • food crops & honey
  • medicinal herbs
  • fungi
  • craft wood & kindling
  • oils & resins
  • posts, trellises, fencing
  • dyes, flowers, etc.

foodways have many benefits, but community engagement is primary among these… there are many creative ways use productive plants in our public and civic places

project: bronx river foodway

see phase 1 of project: concrete plant park