earth learning was founded in 2003 in response to a grassroots need to put earth literacy into action…

we emerged as a result of the work of the earth literacy network

our history was fed by the deep roots of these long established organizations which reflect earth as the model for learning and functional sustainability

as an organization, we foster an awareness of global interdependence, ecological integrity through biological diversity, and the natural processes that sustain life.

our vision of creating a life-sustaining culture was launched in response to a growing need for avenues of action in the larger community, by creating a place where society and nature can meet in a mutually-beneficial, restorative manner


in 2009 earth learning began to fashion its programs around inspiring the birth of a local, just, and sustainable foodshed in our home bioregion, the greater everglades

we are see our work as part of larger global movements that are transitioning us toward an ecologically sustainable world and our food culture is at the core of our relationship with Earth, as individuals and communities


in 2017 earth learning is re-launched as inhabit earth to rededicate our mission to harnessing the power of regenerative design to begin to heal the rift between natural and social systems 

we wholeheartedly believe that regenerative design can be applied to address these increasingly complex challenge