inhabit earth

inhabit (def.) – a purposeful approach of being fully present to, and living within the ecological means of ones bioregion

message from the founder: 

humanity is a critical turning point…
Humanity is facing several interwoven global socio-ecological crises. Climate change and loss of habitat/biodiversity are leading to unex­pected breaking points in natural and social systems. At the core of these crises, is an underlying belief that humanity is apart from the rest of the natural world. Many of our cultures and societies are organized around this principle.

earth learning is also at a turning point…
Earth Learning has served us well over the last 14 years: the first 7 years, we dedicated to creating a sense of place in the Greater Everglades; the second 7 years, we inspired a local food movement to take hold in our bioregion.

During the past couple years, we have been on hiatus: Rethinking, re-conceiving, our approach. In the coming months (early 2023), we will relaunch our organization as Inhabit Earth to serve bioregions everywhere.

inhabit earth
We will rededicate our mission to harnessing the power of regenerative thinking to begin to heal the rift between natural and social systems. We wholeheartedly believe that regenerative thinking can be applied to re-patterning human systems to address these increasingly complex challenges we have brought upon ourselves.

Regenerative approaches restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, creating Life-sustaining systems that integrate the needs and, more importantly, the potentials of human societies, while preserving the integrity of Earth’s life-support systems. For there to be a resource, there must first be a source.

We intend to embrace a developmental approach that awakens the regenerative capacity of all beings, particularly and acutely, human beings from the bottom, up to find this source in themselves — regenerating aliveness through processes that activates each person’s truest natures as an intimate starting point for healing this rift.

The capacity we know must be re-awakening is the capacity for relatedness… to heal the patterns that divide us from each other, biosphere, and our truest natures. We are called to join the Great Warming– a movement that addresses the inner climate, broader in scope than any of the intermingled global crises we are now facing.

The onus is on us!

— stay tuned, please write us, if you are interested in joining with us in this unfolding endeavor —